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Heitzman & Associates, Inc.

Heitzman & Associates, Inc.

(616) 774-2372

Our mission is to create and nurture long-term relationships. Our relationship with you will be established on these core values: trust, honesty, and integrity.

Heitzman & Associates has over 50 years of combined financial service experience. We feel with our experience comes a certain wisdom, knowledge, and "common sense", essential in quality financial planning.

Heitzman & Associates offers long term customized financial services through Ameritas Investment Corp. We gather information from our clients to help us best determine how to fulfill each clients needs, objectives, and risk tolerances. We recognize that all clients needs are different, and offer a variety of investment products and services to fulfill those needs. If our clients have issues or needs we cannot fulfill, we are able to refer them to the right professionals (attorneys, CPA's, etc.).

Heitzman & Associates continually seeks out and evaluates new and existing types of investments. We attend educational seminars and classes regularly, not only to further our investment knowledge, but also to pass that knowledge on to our clients. With this knowledge we strive to offer our clients the best investment products and investment strategies available.

Heitzman & Associates meet with clients as often and as necessary as the client sees fit, to review their investments. As client's investment attitudes, needs and objectives change over time the need to review increases. We not only work for our clients, but with them, to make thoughtful and wise decisions about their financial future.

Heitzman & Associates believes in exceptional client service and satisfaction. We are committed to taking away our clients financial fears.